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Ketamine was originally developed as a powerful anesthetic in the early 1960s. When administered as low dose infusions, recent studies have shown Ketamine’s ability to provide relief and hope to those who suffer from treatment resistant depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction, and more . The discovery of Ketamine use for resistant treatment mood disorders might be the most important breakthrough treatment in decades. Ketamine Infusions are rapid acting and can begin to provide relief within hours of the first infusion.



Patient comfort & safety is our top priority. Ketamines history and use as an anesthetic, is the exact reason why we believe a CRNA is the best and most knowledgeable provider to train and support our staff here at Revive Ketamine Centers. CRNAs are licensed to manage both acute & chronic pain, administer and monitor ketamine infusions, and safely manage any associated side effects or complications. Our CRNA has partnered with our Nurse Practitioners to ensure they have the required training and experience to safely administer Ketamine at patient specific doses to meet each individuals needs safely and effectively.

Dariane Newby &Dr. Josh Newby


Dr. Josh Newby was born and raised in Florida where he completed his CRNA at The University of North Florida. After completing his CRNA, he moved to Georgia with his wife and 3 children. Since his time in Georgia he created North Georgia Anesthesia Associates and has worked as an anesthesia provider at Meadows Surgical Arts.

In Addition he currently finished his Doctorate, and has fulfilled his dream to open an Ketamine Center & IV Lounge. In 2020, Revive IV Lounge was created by Josh and his wife, Dariane. Here Josh has been able to focus his time on learning and implementing different types of wellness therapies to improve ones overall mental & physical health and wellbeing.

In Josh’s spare time he enjoys fishing, running, boating, camping, and playing soccer. Josh’s true passion for medicine, nutrition, & helping people is undeniable and shows in his quality of care.

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What People Are Saying

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“Yesterday was actually the first day I didn't have suicidal thoughts in over 2 weeks. I was able to get up, get dressed, go for a run, and do normal things for once”
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“I feel amazing, Im able to look at things that used to stress me out with a new perspective. I no longer feel like I need to turn to alcohol to manage my stress”
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“My anxiety is so bad I just know now that Ketamine is what I have to do in order to live a happy more peaceful life”
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“After my fourth infusion I took my kids to the park and for the first time in over a year I felt well enough to play with my three boys, we had such a good time. Normally I wouldn't have had the power or energy to get up and go”

To find out if you are a candidate for ketamine infusions or any of our other wellness services complete the brief form below, and get ready to start your journey toward a happy and healthy life!

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